Yachts have grown into mega yacht and it has given an opportunity to the designers to let their imagination get to work. The newer designs that are coming out are breathtaking to say the least.

The Voronoi mega-yacht is yet another intriguing concept from yacht enthusiast Hyun-Seok Kim. While talking about the 125 meter long yacht Kim said that he was simply trying to build an exclusive and enjoyable opulent yacht. The name of the yacht has been derived from Voronoi pattern. The upper levels of the yacht are encased in the voronoi pattern of the irregular honeycomb lattice structure.

It is obvious that the yacht has been designed with the purpose to entertain. This 20-meter beam max single hull mega yacht will certainly satisfy guests while they are on board. If you start listing the features in the yacht it will become as long as the yacht itself. The sun deck boasts of hot tubs and a golfing green. There is an indoor garden within the lattice on the bridge deck. The swimming pool area is also just beside it on the bridge deck.

Everything on the yacht exudes luxury. The emergency vessel that has been provided in case evacuation becomes necessary is the most sleek and stylish in its category. The amenities and comfort provided in the yacht is no less than the best of luxury hotels or the most luxurious homes.

There is a main salon where everyone can relax and just hang around. The yacht features a bar, galley, and a stage for playing music as well as dining room. This is one yacht where the exterior and the interior are both stunning and will set a trend in yacht designs. It has set the bar very high for the luxury yachts of future to follow.

Hyun-Seok Kim

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