Created by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the Hydrogen Powered Salt Flat Racer is based on the idea of reusing ordinary materials such as old oil barrels and barbecue lids as main components for the body and wheel discs.

2008 the MINI Space Team stopped by the LA Auto Show, where nine groups of talented and innovative designers were hard at work imagining and creating the racecars of the future. Now we bring you an interview with one of those teams, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, who created a hydrogen-powered salt flat racer.

BMW has designed a hydrogen powered salt flat racer based on the premise of Reuse (instead of recycle).
This concept utilizes existing, ordinary, and mundane materials, such as old oil barrels and barbeque lids, as main components for the body and wheel discs.

Friendly, whimsical and sustainable, the concept employs goldfish as “co-pilots” or “canaries-in-a-coal mine” to ensure that the vehicle is running clean emissions (if your fish get sick, you must be running “rich”).

BMW Group DesignworksUSA – Design Team
President: Verena Kloos
Director: Chris Chapman
Creative Director: Erik Goplen
Designer: Richard Kim
Digital Modelers: Jason Rowlands and Blair Taylor

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