The Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse is a 16,000-squaremeter facility that serves a golf course. It has an underground level and three floors above grade. There is a main building, VIP lobby building, and a structure with private suites.

The atrium and the upper portion of the main building include timber columns and a glass curtain wall, while the base is made of stone (random rubble masonry typical of Korea). The timber area includes the reception zone, a member’s lounge, and a party room. The stone podium houses locker rooms, bathrooms, and service areas. The roof over the main building measures 36 x 72 meters.

The unusual tree-like timber columns in the atrium reach to a height of three stories. The partial-timber structure was used to conform to Korean regulations that do not allow timber buildings to exceed 6 000 square meters in size. The first floor of the atrium has 4.5-meter-wide glass shutters that open fully.

The Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club House on Jeju Island, South Korea is an example of the stunning design possibilities of engineered glulam timbers.

The building’s wooden hexagon grid shell, an ecological and naturally ventilated concept of a hexagon pattern, is based an a Korean traditional summertime pillow (called” bamboo wife”). The most innovative feature is the hexagon grid shell roof. The fire-resistant roof and columns are exposed in the interior spaces.

Using advanced computer and cutting machine technology, the designers, Shigeru Ban Architects, were able to find the most efficient structural form and minimize the assembly process and quantity of timber used.

Haesley nine bridges golf clubhouse  Yeoju, South Korea
Architects: KyeongSik Yoon (KACI International) and
Shigeru Ban Architects
Client: Haesley Nine Bridges
Contractor: C.J. Engineering & Construction
Photographers: JongOh Kim

Site Area: 1,132,871.00m2
Bldg. Area: 5,420.21m2
Gross Floor Area: 22,463.189m2
Bldg Scale: 1 story below ground, 3 stories above ground
Structure: Timber Structure, S.R.C.
Exterior Finishing: Stone, Glass Shutter, T24 Pair Glass
Interior Finishing: Timber, Travertine, Papertube, Stone

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