Pantone Comprido

Pantone 7

Sang Won Sung's show, titled May Contain SMALL Parts, takes a "Toys 'R' Art" approach to assemblage. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and based in São Paulo, Brazil, Sung has enjoyed lots of media coverage for his cute and kitschy combinations of plastic found objects, which he shapes into toylike pop sculptures. His miniature depictions of animals, people, and comic-book characters are constructed from everyday consumer items such as soap dishes, kitchen utensils, headphones, radio dials, and dolls. Especially dolls.

Wing Helice - 2010

Batman 3

His work treats subjects as diverse as Batman, Kiss, and the crucifixion of Christ with equal degrees of cuteness and miniaturization. Signs and symbols are emptied of their impact. Ingenious as Sung's assemblages are, they suggest a world in which representation has been evacuated of meaning.

Sang Won Sung

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