Wave no.7   16" X 20"   oil on canvas

Wave no. 8   16" X 20"  oil on canvas

Wave no. 9  24" X 36"  oil on canvas

Wave no.10  20" X 24" oil on canvas

This young painter (Born 1977 Pusan, Korea) is already establishing himself as a major talent in the realist cityscape genre. He studied at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where he lives and paints much of his subject matter, especially views of Chinatown.

His work probably can’t truly be called perceptual painting as it is clearly studio based and he seems to work from multiple photos of a scene manually composited into an expanded perspective. However, his work is more about visual issues than conceptual ones. His dramatic viewpoints often with strong perspective diagonals draws you into the painting and the marvelous play of interlocking shapes keeps you in the painting.

Kim Cogan

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