"After passing thorugh the mountainous range of Jungseon, Kangwon-do, we met steeper inclinations, and wilder curves. A few moments later, we were invited by an open scenery by the left side. We stopped adn got off from the veracruz (a new hyundau suv). Ahead of us, there was a wide dried up river area quitre below from where we stood, our rear was greeted by a steep hilled mountain, the left was dominantly high forest, and the right smwelled of cultivated land.

First thing that came to my mind was how to deal with framing the various views, and providing an expensive and compressive spatial qualities that might match the views. The next brunch of ideas were focused around the client's needs for lodging business purposes. They included accommodating slides- space (Jeongseon is a very snowy area) within the compressive and expensive space.

The other idea was providing a wind reacting, soft-Architectural devices, that looks like a large and long translucent tails which were attached at the rear of each lodges. Each of the lodges was imbued with distinct mixed themes and stories, ranging from supercar to stealth, mediterranian, to Japanese hot springs, PS2 (playstation 2) to traditional pavillions. The Curtains that provided the lifts for S-Mahal has evolved into more functional giant hammock, mosquito net, soft slides, etc. I am excited!"

Above description by architect Moon Hoon, who was educated in architecture in Korea, and US, also had work experience in both countries. He is interested in breaking the boundaries of architecture by experimenting crashing, fusing, mixing, and so forth with various other disciplines. Based upon these dynamics and currents of intimacy Moon Hoon attempts to give a new spacial dimension.

This unique complex consists of a series of six unconventional guest houses in Jeongseon, South Korea. The architect attempted to dissolve the barriers between the interior and the exterior. If you don't find yourself in the physical space, you won't be able to understand all of its implications.

Moon Hoon

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