LOBOT (DESK LAMP)  "I will see what you see."
As a designer, Jinseok always thought about presenting stories to people in a uniqe way through product design.He was inspired by the movements of the humanoid robot and mechanics from movies and comic books and tried to give life and emotion into a desk lamp design. LOBOT means "Lighting" plus "Robot" as well as a "Robot" designed by "low tech".

LOBOT is a desk lamp with LED lighting source. Its simple design with anodized aluminum body will match with modern task environment. The body is designed to easily adjust and optimize for a particular task situation by well-engineered hinge system. LOBOT is the initial and iconic product of the line up from studioLOBOT.

Jinseok Hwang is a Senior Industrial Designer at frog design.
Jinseok holds a BFA degree in Industrial Design from Hong-Ik University in Seoul, South Korea, and worked in Korea and Hong Kong prior to relocating to the USA. His design experience spans a wide range of projects for various industries including consumer products, consumer electronics, packaging design, furniture design, and transportation design.

Jinseok worked for a number of internationally recognized design agencies and manufacturing company, including Arnell Group, Vtech, and Design Continuum. Clients include Chrysler, Comcast, Haier, Jeep, LG, Motorola, North Face, Pantech, PepsiCo, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, and Under Armour. Jinseok's work has been awarded with numerous international design awards including the Next Generation Designer by Korean government in 2010 based on his portfolio of past work. Other highlights include: LG International Design Award, Korean Good Design Award, and the "SAFE" Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, New York.

studio LOBOT

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