Queen Of Blades

Won Chun Choi

Baba Yaga

Heavy Gunner

Gorilla Artfare


Concept artist/illustrator in Sydney, Australia

Min Hyuk Yum

Ethereal creature sketches

Jung Park Been credited in huge projects known for his extreme creative talent.some of his credits listed

Red Engine Studios Co Founder of Studio / Director. 2008-Present  Sony (SCEA), Santa Monica Studio ,God of War III-Staff Concept-Artist,Starhawk -Staff Concept Artist,2008  Wizards Of The Coast,Magic The Gathering  - Illustrator  ,2008  Sony Pictures ,Battle Los Angeles Pre Viz Consultant ,2006-2008 -Nc Soft ,Santa Monica Studio,Tabula Rasa-Senior Concept Artist, Stand in Art Director,Guild War 2 -Senior Concept Artist,Aion-Senior Concept Artist,Lineage Forever – Senior Concept Artist,2004 Michael Bay Studios ISLAND -Pre production Concept artist,2003-2006 Midway Games,Stranglehold -Concept Artist,Mortal Kombat -Concept Artist.

My dream 2

Jung began his career as a concept artist after attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he developed an interest in Illustration and Entertainment Design. For the past 8 years he has worked as a senior concept artist for such games and film as Guild Wars, Lineage Forever,Battle Los Angeles, Mortal Kombat, and God of War III. His motivation, self-discipline, and a passion for design has allowed him a reputation as a leader in the industry.
Jung Park

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