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Jang Keun Chul

I am drawn to things that are hard to see or understand: small, fast, weak, uncomfortable. Some things can make you recoil at first but when you study its structure and trace its lines, they are fine and respectable. The fly crawling on my arm is so remote from me but so naked since its skeleton is inside-out. I think this is the state of the figures that I draw. They reveal everything that they have, but are somehow opaque.

Like rats that scurry into the dark corners of a room or a bite that looks odd but itches just a little, they are usually overlooked. But leave them to do what they will and the rats dismantle the house, and the bite explodes into a maggot hive.

This is the kind of dense and slow force that I want my figures to have. (But not in a negative or destructive way.) Insidiously they hide from you, but ultimately they are the kings of their world. I want to create characters that I can detach from myself once they are created, so that I can respect and love them as external entities.

The images I make contain both traditional and digital elements. For drawing I use a mechanical pencil. I like the small variations in hand movement that it can capture. For coloring I use digital software.

I stick with readable techniques to convey more strongly that the pixels are calculated. With the lines I want to be rough, raw, expressive, and imperfect, but with the colors I want to be mechanical, remote, and somewhat cold and impenetrable. I see this as a reflection of myself, as I am sometimes whimsical and irrational, sometimes objective and methodica

Jinyoung Shin

Analy­sis Crea­ture seires — ‘Unknowned Crea­ture’

Analy­sis Crea­ture seires — ‘Drgon Fly’

Analy­sis Crea­ture series — ‘Gar­dener’

I’m really thir­illed with show­case of my design ‘Analy­sis Crea­ture series’
Recently, I cre­ated new art­work new crea­ture ‘Gar­dener’ in my per­sonal Analy­sis crea­ture project. An weired ‘Gar­dener’ dwelled in my fan­tasy world.
I inspired by dream of night­mare a few month ago, pinoc­cio and scis­sors hand.
He grows many flow­ers in his own gar­den. And, he like to water the flow­ers with his ket­tle head.He vital­ize all life­less flower with his mys­tri­ous water. What a won­der­ful world~

Wonman Kim

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