Warcraft Legends 1 by Joe Vriens & Saejin Oh

Warcraft Legends 2 by Saejin Oh

SKULLKICKERS #9, #10, cover Saejin Oh

Scroll of the Exalts Cover by Steven Cummings & Saejin Oh

Starcraft Frontline 1 , Line Art: Joe Vriens, Paints: Saejin Oh
Saejin Oh is a cover artist of the StarCraft: Frontline graphic novel series

Saejin Oh is an Illustrator, Artist, and an aging manbaby drenched in dry cynicism. Loves few, hates many but never too fluent to express it. Working to make his mark in this pitiful, miserable world, gradually.                                            Saejin Oh has worked on various Illustrations for TRPG, Video Games, Artbooks, Card Games, Magazines and covers. Most notably, his works in ImagineFX magazines, Darksiders Video game, Art of Capcom 2 Artbook, and Magic The Gathering Video Game.

Saejin Oh

Wallpaper- The Dream

Wallpaper - Gaze II


Due to the amount of detail and vari­a­tion in these images, it’s easy to assume that these pow­er­ful femail por­traits were cre­ated using dig­i­tal tools. You may be sur­prised to find out, how­ever, that Min­jae Lee, a self-​​taught 19-​​year old South Korean artist, uses old-​​fashioned tools like mark­ers, pens, crayons, and acrylics to cre­ate these loud, pow­er­ful illustrations.

Minjae Lee

HEAVY MACH - laoding

Unknown Project - spaceship city

CC - battle castle

Jaecheol Park, also known as Paper Blue, is a digital artist who creates some of the most interesting and unique digital artworks around.  From majestic castles to jungle fortresses, futuristic spaceships and valiant battleships, a variety of topics are covered.

Jaecheol Park

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