2008 , Meterial/Plastic(prototype), Size/ H1500XW600X750(mm)

The oriental ‘sang’ (Korean dining table) and the western dining table tell a story of coexistence in various acts of sharing including tea culture.

In Korearn culture, when guests visit or many family members gather around for spending national holidays, we put the folded low-table out. While considering their cultural characteristic, we combine dining table from Western culture with low-table from Korean culture so that we create new contents, and. overlapped model also shows beautiful harmony between Korean and Western culture.

When the Korean and the Western tables combine, there is a passage that Korean and Western culture can communicate with each other and coexist, and if you pull up the dish on the Korean low-table, there is a induction highlight from Western culture on the inside table. This is the room that Korean and Western can make harmony since it equalize Korearn dietary culture which people tend to boil teas and stews to the one another.

Joongho Choi

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