The mechanism that this sentence reaches your retina falls on at least one of the following scenarios. It’s the light reflected by the ink molecules that were absorbed through the capillary fibers of the pulp of the paper that you’re holding. Or it is the visible light which was originally a beam of electrons that was bent and fluoresced by electromagnetic forces. Or it is sum of lights that just passed through the barriers of liquid crystal molecules.

Or it may have come from tiny little light bulbs that illuminates through plasma discharges. One certain fact is that you don’t imagine any of these situations described above when you read a sentence like this one. But that is until you stand in front of the piece “R”.
Like inspecting internal structure of a clock through a magnifying glass, like appreciating delicate micro symphony of tiny little gears and windup springs, when you’re in front of “R”, you’ll find yourself experiencing the elaborate procedures that humankind have invented to make a soulless machine draw a picture for itself.

“R” is a giant wooden kinetic sculpture made of thousands of hand-carved components. It constructs an image with thousands of black and white ping pong balls in respect for humankind’s endless efforts from Altamira cave’s drawings to splendid images on light emitting diode matrix displays.

It is a shelter from the furious competition of high-tech inventions trying to create revolutionary devices worldwide. It makes you turn around and have a time to look back and reminisce about the meaning of creating devices that create images.

The piece works in two modes. In passive mode it constructs ready-made images by stacking up black and white ping pong balls in predefined orders. In interactive mode, the piece detects human activity nearby itself and drops ping pong accordingly. As time goes by, like bones of dinosaurs in stratum, spread dots of black ping pong balls accumulates leaving traces of visitors that passed by.


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