Performing Arts Centre _ Chelmer Valley High School
Designed by Juliet Quintero, Julian Löffler and Jean Taek Park whilst at LCE Architects.

Jean Taek Park as a young boy witnesses a rapid growth and expansion of Seoul and destructions of existing urban fabrics and pristine nature. The blinded humanity penetrates into urban areas as well as deeper parts of countryside.

His architectural position derives from his educations in Korea and in the U.K.  In Korea he undertook apprenticeship for Prof. Yi Eun Young who has a strong pursuit of the essence of human beings and society in rationalist modern designs adopting basic geometric forms. In the U.K. He studied at the Architectural Association where rigorous architectural processes and thinking are more valued over the final result of a design product. In particular, Cinematic Architecture, architecture of light, duration, emotion and (de)materialisation, which is established by Pascal Schöning, significantly influences his latest thoughts. His AA Diploma project was awarded with Honours in 2006.


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