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This weekend house in Jeju Island is located in a small seashore village named ongpo whose meaning is a harbor shaped like porcelain vase. Unlike many sea shore villages in Jeju Island which have transformed touristic spots for the past decades, ongpo village has eluded this development and remained as a typical seashore village. most building type in ongpo is a 1-storey house except few warehouses at harbor for fishing industry.

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Inspite of these generic architectures,ongpo village has many beautiful alleys thanks to the basalt stone wind protection perimeter wall of each house. The form of this weekend house is a direct interpretation of house architectures at ongpo village which are either traditional stone wall structure houses with gable roof or concrete houses with flat rooftop. We hope this house with 2nd floor recessed noto standout among the houses at ongpo.

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The sanding processed surface of exterior exposed concrete wall inspired by nearby warehouse wall dilapidated by strong sea wind, was chosen also for thesame intention. This house has no space dividing walls between rooms except toilet and bathroom. This idea came from the client who wanted one inside space like a tent where family members share the space.

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Location: Ongpo-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
 Site Area: 359.00 sqm Building Area: 122.61 sqm Gross floor Area: 158.81 sqm
Year: 2013 photographer : Yoon Joonhwan

Jegong Architects

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