communicating with the deceased  , a message from the deceased on a special day

The shared memory between the living and the dead is stored in ashes of the deceased. It is both the most symbolic and physical remain of the person. When one asks a question, the answer of the deceased appears on the ashes (an answer they might have given if they were still allive).

Most children who face a TV remote control for the first time tend to fear using it. Since there are often two or three remote controls for every TV, and each remote control can have many buttons, it is understandable they feel this way.
But are all these buttons really necessary? Does the shapes or modality of the remote control relate to children?

This “Origami TV Remote Control” enables children to learn only the essential functions such as “Channel Selection” and “Volume Control” through a paper playing method. In this way they will feel rather joyful when using the complicated interfaces. Parents can also feel confident that their children would not be able to mess around with the settings on their TV.

This prototype is developed from electronics and software workshop.

Design Interactions, RCA

Hayeon Yoo

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