KT&G SEASONS Cigarette Package Redesign. Smart integration of legal warning and graphic elements.

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Clos Du Bois Wine Package design , Raymond Winery Award for Design Excellence

This wine label is designed to make a modern, elegant statement. Combining refined typography and natural elements, gives their well-established wine a new look for the 21st century.

Tresemime, Thomas Mcnulty-6 skin care bottles and disply


LEFT: MESS-UP MAN, 2004. The 6-foot plastic figure promotes the mess-up service that provides “Quality Mess” for people who love to clean but have nothing left to clean. TOP MIDDLE: LOST PIGEON FLYER, 2004. This flyer was distributed all over New York’s upper east side. TOP RIGHT: POETRY FOR THE LOST PIGEON, 2004. This is Kang’s visual translation of the voice messages he had received in response to his lost pigeon notice; BOTTOM: DESIGN CAMP POSTER (FRONT AND BACK), 2005. The poster was aimed to attract high school students to attend the University of Minnesota Design Institute and Target Co. Design Camp. “Extreme mouse labor but fun,” says Kang of the experience.

Figure 3a. An exhibition at a lower west side gallery operated by SVA in Manhattan. PORTFOLIO* was a 2,600 square foot, 3-year retrospective of Sahre's portfolio class at SVA. Assistant curators (and former students) included Lindsay Ballant, Jennifer Lew, Abigail Smith, Joon Mo Kang, and Brian Ponto.

Joon Mo Kang sees graphic design as a synthesis of his equal but divergent interests in art and science. Before enrolling at SVA he studied fine art and illustration and also worked as a computer technician, with the intention of becoming a scientist.

Field Guide to Emerging Design Talent 2006 (cont'd)


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