Location:F60-1 Heyri Art Valley Paju City, Kyonggido, Korea Date of completion:Nov 2003
Architects: Mass Studies

This house is for a young family with two children. This family is very interested in the larger community and plans on sharing their exterior spaces with the community. They intend to create a day care for neighborhood children. In addition to being a house this structure will end up also functioning as a community center. The site is perfectly matched with the client’s intentions; it is the last house in a row of houses. It is the point of rupture between the clearly defined front and back yard spaces; the point at which the continuous façade that defines these outdoor spaces ends or turns. Because of this, the public and private territories are not as clear on this site as on other sites within the row.

Accumulated Section System, Location - Bulgwang, Eunpyung, Seoul


Museum (Dinosaur Pavilion), Haenam, Roofing company : ShinJanJin Roofing VM ZINC

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