Somnio 003, 004 For a personal project currently under the working title "Somnio".
Seung Ho Henrik
Everything is painted freehand in Adobe Photoshop using a wacom tablet.

Somnio 005 For a personal project currently under the working title "Somnio".

Number Orchestra (version alpha)   Hyun Jean Lee
interactive performing platform with generative data processing and sound manipulation system, 2006.5 , built with Processing, XML, Max/MSP

Cross-Being: Dancers (Spinning Screen)
interactive video and sound installation, 2004.5
m2 LCD Screens, spinning screen structure(two gears, 360 potentiometer, a rotary connector), a computer running MAX / JITTER, sound speakers

To create the splintered form of Jeewon Jung's vase, the 3-d design student shot a bullet into solid silicon, used by police in ballistics testing; the bullet's path remains framed inside. Maeda responded to the way in which Jung tamed an explosive force: "It's such a feeling of power," he said. "Seeing this made that feeling peaceful; it held on to the power, or rendered it powerless in this form." Henderson compared the vase to the Droog bench composed of chair backs affixed to a raw log. "The only thing I didn't like was the shape," Carlos said of the urn-like form. "I know he was trying to do an archetypal vase." 
DESIGNMAI 2005: Youngsters , ID Online

These vases are made by a gunshot. The bullet leaves permanent and temporary cavities in the gelatin that becomes a tunnel for a flower or random decoration in the vase where subversive energy turns into constructive art-creating activity. It is about how a product can be understood as social icon, not just be superfluous, and how it challenges our perception. The vase does not reflect a message of fear, but one of hope


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