Tea time Cup and Saucer design

Kenzo water jar  was inspired by Kenzo's use of multi-cultural aspects more

Sehwan Oh

Little KooN, a new name for kids specialty furniture.  KOON designs

TOTIBOX - A simple wooden box with soft cushions in various shapes and colours. Each cushion can be removed from the lid.
TOTIPOOL - An Interactive Playpen for Kids 'Contemporary British Design 2002', this final design has been invited to several international design fairs such as: <talents-Tendence 2002 International Frankfurt Fair>,<The 1st China Qingdao International Design Festival>, <Ambiente Japan 2003>.

TOTI Series Chair, Block, Closet

A multi-purpose chair that can be turned and placed just as the child wishes. Placed together they form a sofa or a bench for groups.

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