Suite (video 1), 2012video, 11 min 33 sec, loopsingle channel HD (1080p) video, stereo audio performed by Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Mother, 2011video, 1 min 25 secsingle channel HD (1080p) video, mono audio

Banana, 2011video, 1 min 33 secsingle channel HD (1080p) video, mono audio

Min Oh was born in Seoul, Korea. From time that she was 6 years old she was a pianist, and received her BM (piano performance) at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. Before the world recognized her as a pianist, she changed her focus to graphic design, and got her BFA at the same university. As a professional graphic designer, she worked in branding and product design. She moved to the US in her early 30s to complete her graphic design education at Yale University where she received her MFA in May, 2008.

AIGA Chicago Small Talk Films

She won Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize in Yale in 2008, and her two videos won Silver Cube, and Distinctive Merit in 87th ADC Awards in 2008. She also won Design Distinction in I.D. Magazine Student Design Review. She has exhibited her work at “1st Contemporary & Modern Art Juried Exhibition for Aspiring Korean-American Artists” in LA in 2007, “Outvideo Festival” in Russia in 2007, “The Sinew of Galaxy - Not Only for Lvxiao” in Beijing, “2007 College Art Association New York Area MFA Exhibition” in NYC in 2007, and Group Show “Work in Progress” in Seoul in 2006. Her work has been published in “Palimpsest” Volume 5 in New Haven in 2007. Also, she has been teaching as a lecturer at Hanyang Cyber University in Seoul, Korea since 2003.

Min Oh

hexa by kuho 2011 Spring Summer OLAF Collaboration

For the last two seasons Jung has been attempting, already with success, to do exactly that. Deconstructed, masterfully draped and mostly gray, Jung’s first Hexa by Kuho collection was presented on the runway last February in New York and in a film directed by Nick Knight. Semi-couture, each piece was hand made and is available in a limited edition of just five. For spring/summer 2011, Jung took inspiration from archaic medical devices, artificial limbs and the elegance of the natural human form. “Every fashion designer, at some point, says that he’s interested in the human body,” confesses Jung, who collaborated with artist Olaf Breuning on a film for the collection showing a model dressed in Hexa clothing surrounded by ballet dancers, some adorned with forearm crutches. “I thought his collection was very radical”, Breuning said of Jung’s looks for Spring, “It was based on prosthesis and fake body parts. I chose ballet because it’s a very artificial dance, very constructed by humans.”

A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Jung is also a certified Cordon Bleu chef (he once owned a restaurant near NYU) as well as the Creative Director of Samsung’s fashion division, where he oversees several sold-in-Asia-only women’s collections as well as Samsung’s license brands Nina Ricci and 10 Corso Como. i-D Online sat down with the softly spoken Jung to discuss his plans for Hexa (the number 6 in Greek, often associated with harmony and balance) and to find out what he misses most about his halcyon days a fashion obsessed student in New York.

hexa by kuho

design by Wonyoung So and Boyeon Choi 2012

RENT Finding the right place to live, which is an indicator to the type of lifestyle you lead is an essential step in life. Life in a $1000 rental is likely to be different from living in a $800 rental shared with a roommate. Even with the same price, renting in Seoul would be totally different from in New York City.

The RENT project is a web archive showing various rent houses and the lifestyles of the residents around the world based on the their income. Rentals in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Seoul and Paris were researched and visualised as a interactive map. You can explore various rent scenarios around the world and compare the differences in lifestyle.

project Site RENT

Boyeon Choi

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