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RECYCLED PAPER pencil (bicycle)

Pencil made of recycled newspaper.

Pencil case made of recycled paper printed with SOY INK,
finished by stitching using no adhesive.
Designed to inspire our message - STOP GLOBAL WARMING.

'Stop Global Warming' Paper Pencils are made of 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks for print packaging. The pencil set contains 5 HB pencils in a sturdy cardboard pencil case with cute penguins on the pencil case as environmental care reminder.

Gongjang (which means ‘craftsmen who make things skillfully’) in Seoul, Korea, they design and produce products that have minimal impact on the environment through careful and responsible selection of materials and production methods.


Installation shot (clockwise from far L): "Depot" (To-do list found in a shopping cart at Home Depot, fabric, gold thread), "Shirt" (replica of a shirt I'd wear to my office job), "Two shirts" (one from a grocery bag, one from a bank check), "The work of memory" (color copies of a single image of flowers mounted on foam board, wood), "Untitled (carpet)" (oriental carpet from a NJ mall, given to me by my parents, shredded tax documents, receipts, grocery bags, staples), All 2006-07

"Home improvements", 35" x 37" x 6", Graph paper, house paint, trash bag, plastic bag, cardboard, receipts, envelopes, 2007

"Clothing inventory--under 2" tall", Variable dimensions, Printer paper, color (pencil, pen, watercolor), pins, 2006; My wardrobe while living abroad, each item is made to scale 2" or smaller. The piece ended when I packed up my suitcase to leave.

"The road less travelled", My worn shoes, house paints, boat compasses, 2007

Sandra Eula Lee

2005. 12  /  box + plastic buttons  /  H2000 W1800

Folding Beds for the homeless is sort of cardboard furniture. You can easily fold and set up with small plastic buttons.
Furthermore, It is easy to carry around and very light because of the box-like material.
Also the fact that it is cheap(5 U.S. dollars) and disposable after one use, anyone can use it anywhere.
This bed was at first made for the comfort for the homeless.
However, it is also convenient for the use in outdoor sports or refugees camp during a war.

CCTV chandelier - Virtual Doppelganger Simulator” is an interactive installation that can reflect viewer’s Virtual Doppelganger. You can look objectively into your self in a third person's point of view. This machine have around 30 CCTVs surrounding and hanging near viewer’s face and engineering viewer’s experience to show there Virtual Doppelganger in the connected TVs. This wearable visual system then allows the participant to see his/her own body or the surrounding environment from a third person's perspective. Therefore, you yourself, viewer and visitor is displayed as an object in the gallery

Hwang Kim

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