Electric kettle by poetic form expression but drives our daily routine.

This is an electric kettle which has been composed with alien objects, and involved unique instruction of its handle which contains the plug for electricity operation. Those objects been applied, chimney of locomotive, valve-handle and pipeline, are supporting functional indication clearly but also create imagination through associated memories in their history. Furthermore overall theme of it leads us to a little practice. It is ‘Remove plugs after use’ that is an idea for energy saving.

We acknowledge that form is another language. Many studies are concerned with its theories such as semiotics, semantics and syntagmatics. We have such abundant objects in modernity used for clear perceptions, like archetypes, which involve an emotional consensus and through experiences they gain their own histories.Applying features of the fictional and its well-structured format as literature is part of a form-giving process. It is expected to utilize forms of language not only for communicating information or delivering imagination, but also an integrated utilization of them both to create imagination. Furthermore, these methods contribute to the appropriate innovations and progress of products in the design process.

In order to apply fiction to the design process, theories of linguistics, narration and literature have been investigated during my project. This conversion has been implemented with a number of electric kettles which represent one of the common home appliances in our everyday life.

Master thesis project- Konstfack university college of art, craft and design
Photography by Hironori Tukue

HAT lamp

CAP lamp

HwaSung Yoo

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