The Cowon 3D is, as you may have worked out, a 3D-capable personal media player (PMP). But who cares? Much more interesting is that this palm-sized, 4.8-inch movie-player has full 1080p video-output via HDMI, making it a rather compelling device for the movie-buff.

Here are the rest of the specs: That little screen has a resolution of 800 x 480, and as well as movies you can browse the web via Wi-Fi, read ebooks, play music and watch photo slideshows. The battery will juice the player for 10-hours-worth of movies, and you can pick between 32GB and 64GB versions.

OK, so 3D isn’t so lame, and the Cowon 3D has one neat trick: you done’t need glasses to watch it, although watching a 3D movie on that little screen seems to be such a headache-inducing a feature that it should be sponsored by the aspirin industry.

Finally, the price. When it goes on sale in Korea in December, the 3D will be KRW500,000 and 590,000 ($430 and $510) for 32GB and 64GB. At those prices, and with that tiny screen, you’d better really want the 1080p output, or the gimmicky 3D.


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