Pianist Plays Carnegie Hall In Dress Made From Juice Boxes

Pianist Soyean Lee hit a high note for environmentally friendly high fashion on Tuesday night when she performed the second half of her Carnegie Hall recital dressed in a slinky strapless gown fabricated from 6,000 recycled Honest Tea grape juice pouches.

The dress was introduced at the concert, no less, by the film actress and eco-activist Daryl Hannah. all cut into different size squares and mounted on to a silk taffeta lining into different patterns - Nina Valenti of naturevsfuture designed the green gown.

The concert was sponsored by the Concert Artists Guild in collaboration with TerraCycle and Honest Tea, two companies dedicated to doing creative things with consumer waste. Fashion designer Nina Valenti created the gown, turning the pouches into triangles that formed a pleasing, purple-brown pattern.

New York Times

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