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Peacock 110 x 40 x 142.5 cm

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Gold Peacock 123 x 42 x 76 cm

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White cranes 105 x 40 x 130 cm

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White cranes 98 x 48 x 70 cm

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Festival 108 x 40 x 144 cm

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Double sideded room divider

Designer Jian discovered the hidden allure and modernity within traditional Korean crafts, and is an artist who unravels and re-envisions the charm and sophistication in unprecedented ways.

Arijian is an artisanal craft brand inspired by tradition to always light the way. Based on traditional Korean crafts, Arijian re-imagines natural materials such as wood lacquer, mother-of-pearl, and pure gold in unique and vibrant ways to produce emotional designs that generate and emanate light.

Arijian, which means to engrave the beauty of Korean crafts and the inherent brilliance of nature into our everyday lives, maximizes the essential properties (texture, color, touch, and etc.) of various materials and extracts the story and design to create harmonious products which are the perfect balance between skill (工) and artistry (藝).


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