XOVEL - Ergonnomic Shovel

Using Xovel, the newly redesigned shovel, forces are distributed effectively when digging or moving. The extra handle on the neck is very useful to balance user’s energy. The head of Xovel can be changed depending on the situations, the length is adjustable just in case the user’s working in limited space.

Biomass Bag - Sustainable Concept Project

Biomass is a valuable energy resource, which Ahhaproject accrue in large amounts in their kitchens. But only 40% of this waste in Germany ends up in the bio waste bin.  For many people, it is inconvenient to separate the biological waste from residual waste.

A biodegradable bag crafted from PLA material which is easy to use and seal allows an easy replacement and removal of the bio bag. It visualizes how much energy potential a single bag contains thus forcing us to reconsider Bio-waste disposal habits.


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