Wheeljek  - W Hotel designers of the future project
Aluminum, wood, mixed materials

The wheeljek collection is inspired by the fast-paced city of Bangkok, which doesn’t stop moving, even in the most stifling heat. Cars and masses of people fill the roads, while vendors push carts filled with refreshments and tropical fruit creating micro-destinations for food, drink and festivities.

These carts seem to facilitate Bangkok’s commercial and cultural exchange. The vendors creatively adapt their cart’s fundamental construction to the product and the environment, finding an idea of the fluidity and flexibility in a layered and chaotic terrain.

My vision is to bring the Bangkok street vendor carts from the street into the interior space. Depending on the boxes, which have different proportions, on the object, can have different functions. And at the same time it is mobile and flexible, and serves its function as a cart.

Seung Yong Song

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