Wave,  Author: Suzy Lee
Format: Hardback (pp40)
Dimension: 13 x 7-1/2 inch
ISBN: 081185924X/ 13 9780811859240
Publication Date: April 2008
Publisher: Chronicle Books, San Francisco, U.S.A.

A sunny day, a curious little girl and a playful wave - artist Suzy Lee has taken these three simple elements and created a visual tour-de-force that needs absolutely no words to tell its universal story. With masterful use of line and color, she explores the power of the natural world, the nuance of friendship, and even the very components that make a book.

WAVE is available in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Korean:
"WAVE' by Suzy Lee has been selected as one of the year’s 10 best illustrated children’s books by The New York Times Book Review.

Suzy Lee

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