Waltz for mood -
The Waltz for Mood is not a mere rack for wine glasses, or a lamp for that matter. It creates an ambience and atmosphere that resembles a Waltz piece.
The Waltz for Mood has a simple combination. With the Waltz for Mood, wine glasses left over in the corner of a home bar or a wine bar can be reborn as a pendant lamp.

Swing Stool -
People shake their legs, have their legs twist and swing their body back and forth when they have long lecture or seminar. According to zoologist, moving body to the rhythm can make people relax because it brings to remembrance of the wave of liquor amnii when they were embryo. Based on   that, Swing Stool is designed for offering physiological relaxation. Swing Stool can offer relaxation through swinging back and forth to whom unconsciously feel unstable.

woonlee Park

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