City  =/= commodity?
As the post industrial-revolution economy is perceived as continuously and permanently growing, our cities has become the container as well as symbol of such premise.  Whether the focus of discussion here is about the city of Dubai fed by private development or a city in the Third world, raised by the World Bank, cities of our age has inevitably become and are still striving toward becoming a commodity.  As a result, ?占폻esigning a city??polarizes the dual relationship between the one who envisions and the one who serves that vision with physical reality.  Here a single vision is critical; form is an end-product. 

Simultaneously city is born, is fed, flourishes, and perishes.  Unlike human being, or unlike any commodity, city?占퐏 life fluctuates according to multiple parameters in the non-linear life of birth, death, rebirth and so on.  Its purpose is never singular, its premise never an end-product.  What nurtures a city also is nurtured by it in a non-hierarchical relation.

Soohyun Chang

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