Traveler 2009 Oil on Canvas 112 x 161.5 cm

Lee Ae-rim is one of the newest generation of female Korean comics artists. From her debut in 1992, Lee Ae-rim proved a talented artist with a personal style. Her first comic was 'The Nosedroppings of Billy', published in the feminin Renaissance magazine. In her following comics, published in among others Nine and Paper, she used themes as feminism and homosexuality. Her 'New Ray' comic was published on Yahoo Mania. She started the 'Na' series in 2002.

Mediated Traveler 2009  80 x 130 cm

Noted for her macabre yet striking style and allusions to taboos such as murder, incest, and cannibalism, Amy Lee was born on Jeju Island in 1972. After studying animation (BFA) at the Korean National University of Arts (KNUA), she made her debut as a cartoonist with “Billy’s Booger” in 1992. A member of the animation artists’ group Indie Anima, she has authored the comic collection Short Story and produced the animation short “Flesh and Bone” for the human rights animation short collection If You Were Me: Anima Vision. Recipient of the SeNef Vision Award of the Seoul Net Festival (SeNef) of the Seoul Film Festival (SFF) for her animation short “The Preordained Tie” and the Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF) Award in 2002, she has also produced the animation short “Manuring the Fields” and the illustration for the feature film Horror at Girls’ School 3: Wishing Stairs. Her works have been shown at a host of film festivals including the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) and the Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (WFFIS).

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