The Newly Coming Seasons, 2009 DigiBeta, color, 0:11:40, 2D Computer

Demilitarized Zone was created as an armistice agreement on July 27th, 1953.
Since that day, we have known that DMZ is the places of intact ecosystem far away from mankind.  However, with a gunfight and arson by militants and a disturbance of the nature by foreign plants as well, on its bare ground, there are a lot of problems on man and nature not being solved by North and South.

Director/character design/editing : MIN Sung-ah
Production : Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency
Producer : JEON Byung-jin
Key animation : MIN Sung-ah/KIM Seung-wha
Animation : LEE Hyun-ji/MIN Yu-mi/AHN Soo-jeong/KIM Seung-wha/CHOI Eun-ha/PARK Hyun-kyung
Coloring : MIN Yu-mi/CHOI Eun-ha/LEE Yeon-hee/KIM Han-na/LEE Sae-ah/HONG Bora/HWANG Su-young/LEE Jung-ik/FENG Jun
3D effect : WON Jong-shik
Sound supervisor : LEE Young-bin
Mixing : KIM Tae-ha
Sound effect : YANG Kwang-sup/KIM Yun-kyung
Foley : MOON Jae-hong/KIM Yong-kook
Composer : KIM Tae-seong
Performance : KIM Tae-seong/KIM Ji-young/LEE Hwa-youn/KIM Se-jin/
LEE Ho-won/The Strings

The Newly Coming Seasons

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