New district in Goyang is designed as a 'living green carpet'

The vision for Samsong Greens integrates programmatic elements with natural systems and sustainability strategies at the site and building level to create a vibrant mixed use community in the context of Goyang, Seoul, Korea.

The district is a 'living green carpet' consisting of two primary typologies - low rise buildings with internal courtyards and a series of towers. Interspersed are distinct buildings that house media and digital related interactive recreational and educational programs. Primarily housing urban factories, the terraces of the low rise buildings create a series of gardens providing an alternate layer of production in the form of focused urban agriculture and flower gardens - the living carpet.

These buildings are interlinked through a series of internal courtyards, secondary pedestrian pathways and bridges that serve to bring light and ventilation. They also act as secure circulation zones during harsh climatic conditions. The towers are integrated within this system and house Officetel, CBD office programs and additional urban factories.

Two public spaces form the 'heart' of Samsong – the central 'Media Park' and the smaller 'Fountain Plaza'. These spaces are supplemented by sport facilities that encourage communal activities between the different entities. A series of linear parks give each parcel a unique location and an address along these green spines.

Three paths, each embodying a different character, create clear linkages between the Media District Parcels, other park systems, adjacent neighbourhoods, the subway station and the National Mountain Parks. The paths have individual design expressions and weave through different natural and urban environments.

A comprehensive sustainable design strategy is proposed for Samsong Greens. This includes an innovative storm water management approach as well as passive and active energy approaches to the urban form and buildings.

Sasaki Associates

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