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The title of the STARSICA AW 2018 Collection is “Seirēn sings for a Mad King”. Ike Seungik Lee, the designer of STARSICA, took his inspiration from learning the phenomenon of otherness. The idea of this collection is primarily derived from observing the behaviours of the unspecified masses around us. We utilize the vision of those who interpret the egos and lives of others through their own subjective perspectives. In essence we are all the Mad King.

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With this in mind, the collection constitutes a sense of dramatic construction, and draws on reinterpreting Greek tragedy as a fashion monologue. The playful motifs in wings and soft fur which can be understood as symbols of Siren, the troubadour, have been reinterpreted with a modern twist and found in the prints of Ike’s own paintings and the patterns created by embroideries. These echo the essence of mythological elements such as the star, bird and semiotic signs.

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2017 STARSICA F/W Collection _ The Ghost : Fashion Film _ Scene

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Originally from Seoul, Ike Seungik Lee studied BFA Sculpture at Seoul National University, subsequently MA Fashion at Kingston University. Upon graduating in 2016, Ike launched his own label ‘STARSICA’. By combining the distinctive values from his earlier art works, Ike incorporates functionality with his conceptual messages, thus showing his ability to evolve into the brand ‘STARSICA’.

Ike takes his inspiration from the philosophical reasoning of phenomenon with an emphasis on a concept of the “everyday wear of luxury with an anxiety of a modern society” and playful imagery with exaggerated layers and textures. STARSICA presented the first collection ‘VISITOR’ during London Fashion Week September 2017, after being selected as one of the Fashion Scout’s Ones-To-Watch Awards. The label continues to pursue the concept of modern elegance through an experimental approach.


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