North Korean animation “Pencil Rocket” has been posted on the Internet video site YouTube. This animation, which was made for elementary school children, teaches the children how to use a protractor. However, the contents are comprised of hostility towards the US military and efforts to defeat them.

The story is as follows: The main character, Seok-Pal, is trying to catch a rabbit in the forest when a friend mocks him by saying, “All you do is draw those pig-headed American bastards in class and now here you are playing war all by yourself.” He then returns home and sits at his desk. The homework he has to do is on how to use a protractor. Seok-Pal is inciting his will to fight by drawing an American military helmet with the letters U.S. written on it in his textbook when he suddenly falls asleep.

In his dream the U.S. fleet is coming to attack. He and his friend try to defeat the U.S. soldiers by firing a rocket they have made from pencils, but they continue to fail because they can’t correctly set the angle. This is because they didn’t know how to use the protractor. Finally Seok-Pal awakes after suffering the counter-attacks of the American fleet. Seok-Pal states that he “realizes that he needs to study hard in class and listen to his teachers to become a good soldier of the people.” This leads into some math practice on accurately setting the center axis when measuring angles on the protractor.

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