The store as a huge vault, concealing precious merchandise.
Papyrus is an optician's retail space, and the client wanted an eye-catching landmark.

Wallga Associates applied the concept of concealment - a good way to maximize the perceived value of the merchandise. Until you open the door and go inside, the store is nothing more than a big safe.

Once you enter, the experience is something like being in a secret, de luxe vault.

At first glance, all you see is the restrained asile space surriunded by elegant antiqued walls. you have your own secret time to search for a stylish pair of glasses. Most stores expose their product to attract customers; that's the common-sense approach. But we want to challenge the fundamental paradigms of retail space.

Wallga Associates figured that efficiently closing out the space world ultimately elevate the shopper's concentration on the product. We even dimmed the lighting throughout the store, except for LED spotlights that pick out the 'hidden' products.

Location :
Sinsa-dong 614, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Project :
Retail space for optician
Concept :
The store as a huge vault, concealing precious merchandise
Client :
Area :
118 M2
Completed :
June 2012

Wallga Associates

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