Hyundai Heavy Industries, shipbuilder and an offshore facilities manufacturer, loaded the world’s largest offshore platform onto a barge on December 4. Hyundai Heavy jacked up the 23,600 ton topside of the North Rankin 2 Project ordered by Woodside Energy 26.5 m and installed it on the provisional transport frame.

The platform, measuring 100 m in length, 50 m in width and 80 m in height, will be used to increase pressure for the existing platform already producing natural gas from 2012.The NR2 platform is scheduled to sail out in mid-December after finishing touches, and will be installed on an offshore jacket in North Rankin & Perseus fields of Australia.

The North Rankin 2 Project will recover remaining low pressure gas from the North Rankin and Perseus gas fields. The project will include the installation of a second platform, North Rankin B. The North Rankin B platform will be connected by a 100 metre bridge to the existing North Rankin A platform.

The North Rankin 2 project will include:

- A new platform weighing 58,000 tonnes
- Production facilities including gas-condensate coolers and separators, three 27 MW compression trains and power generation
- Heli-deck
- Living quarters

Client - Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., LTD
End-User - Woodside
Year Completed - 2011

The North Rankin 2

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