Analog Future _ Neo elasticity(Fashion) & Human behavior(Lighting) 

Analog Future has originated from questioning ourselves whether this fast moving modern world is really for mankind is good or not.  Through rapid progress in civilization we have lost inner values within ourselves.  Therefore I have decided to bring out harmony and communication among the lost values through analogue styles.  What I propose is slow and passive which enables the users to think more.  I value happiness that comes from action itself and not the result.  I hope that our design awakens and change today’s information saturated and fast moving digital society. 

Dress that express elasticity of new mode.
Groped new method of elasticity through application of clothes structure that is not technology of Fabric. Fabric info_ Hemp, Taffeta

Vogue korea
Photographed by Hyewon Kang, stylist Younghee Seo, model Hyunjung JI

Misun Jung

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