Möbius Dress, 2004 (felt). Photo courtesy J. Meejin Yoon/MY Studio.

The Möbius Dress proposes an inherently inside-out and outside-in garment.  The Möbius Loop, applied to the body, creates one continuous loop designed to turn inside out as it unravels. Because the Möbius strip is one-sided, one-edged and has no fixed orientation, the Felt material used for the dress also has no hierarchy, no warp and no weft.  Structured only by the body, dress twists and turns to form a continuously evolving surface as it unwinds and intertwines to form a perpetually changing surface in relation to the body.

J. Meejin Yoon (b. Seoul, Korea) is an architect, designer, and educator. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founder of MY Studio (2000) and Howeler + Yoon Architecture (2005). She is the recipient of the Rome Prize Fellowship in Design (2005), the Metro New York 5 under 35 Award (2005), the Young Architects Award from the Architectural League of New York (2002), and Fulbright Fellowship (1997). She received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University with the AIA Henry Adams Medal (1995), and a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design with Distinction from Harvard University Graduate School of Design (1997).

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