Fragmentation 2004 Live models, plexiglas mirror Each unit: 110 x 90 x 200 cm

There are unlimited numbers of reflections of truncated legs, torsos, and arms, which visually connect and create a linear pattern. This provocative image of the depersonalized body is juxtaposed with the development of modern science that enables people to alter their appearance through surgeries or cloning.

Mirror Costume  2003 , Live model, plexglas mirror, brass, hinges, Velcro
Dimensions variable

Many of my works use the body and mirrors to cut or extend, distort, reconstruct and fragment to create a chaotic image of a human. I use mirrors for integrating reality and illusion. My work poses the question: what is reality? I take advantage of illusion to explore and answer this question. I use the human body as a metaphor for the people of contemporary society. In my work, the human body is the medium that stands on equal ground with the present audience and invites them to immerse themselves in a very specific place; therefore, the following equation is formed: Contemporary man=Human body in my work=Audience. Presently, I am interested in highly developed technology, science, medicine and other fields, and moreover, I am curious how human perception will change and be affected by this technology and what this development will mean for the human life. Through my art, I want to pose questions about the use of technology and its relationship to reality and illusion.

Bo Hhyun Yoon

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