Monterey Park Performing Arts Center (MPPAC) will be positioned as the 2nd largest performance hall in the L.A. area. The inclusion of a multitude of medium from Visual art to Performance art will make this high technology, high performance center a draw for worldwide artists and visitors. In addition, by providing quality neighborhood services, meeting the everyday demand of the neighboring residential community, MPPAC will draw vehicular and foot traffic from outside of the complex.

MPPAC was inspired by Monumental Valley and takes its design cues from the iconic strength of a monolithic structure. The surrounding and inclusive (within the site) hills will be restored and enhanced to promote the renewable and sustainable design. Additional influences and inspiration was taken from the fluidity and ambiance of the art world for the design.

The technique of the conductor was examined as a fluid and linear gesture that directs the multiple elements and encompass’them into one arrangement much like the programmatic elements. The line and trajectory of dance was also looked at as powerful and flowing design directive for the iconic and impactful nature of the design. MPPAC has a unique site location that provides many advantages to both the residents of the area and visiting patrons.

The site resides only a quick 10 minutes away by freeway to the downtown L.A. area, providing a viable alternative for downtown residents to visit the venue. The location is also ideal because of its visual dominance over the downtown area. MPPAC has views that extend from the site outward to the ocean from the south and the mountain range to the Northwest.

The addition of a highly dense program that includes a performance hall, art gallery, and other cultural amenities will add an urban element much needed to the area. The combination of other mixed use facilities such as restaurants, a high end hotel, and live/work condominiums will present the community with a catalyst for more efficient living standards and practices while presiding in a partially remote area.

All this leads to the idea and resolution of an iconic elegance that resonates throughout the area. The destination and highly recognizable social impact of the project along with the quality of materials, performance, service, and design enhance the elegance of the area.

Location : Monterey Park, CA, USA
Occupancy : PAC (Performing Arts Center), Hotel, Condominium, Office
Size :  30,000㎡   Size 30,000㎡
         2 Basement Levels / 9 Stories
Design : 2008

HAEAHN architecture

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