Project team : Dong Hyun Kim(director), Ji Weon Ahn(interior designer), Erika Ko(graphic designer), Yu-Kuang Chou(Photography)

Erika Ko graphic Project : Identity, signage, menus, stationery, press and promotional collateral, staff uniform and website for KIMCHEE Restaurant in London, UK.

The restaurant is adorned with authentic Korean pieces to create a traditional style with a modern twist. KIMCHEE’S in-house Korean designer, along with Mr. Kim himself, developed and crafted every element of the restaurant, ensuring that every detail, from the displays of Korean crockery to the unique, custom-built benches, reflects the real Korea.

The distinctive branding of KIMCHEE was also developed specially by the KIMCHEE team, to complement the unique essence of the restaurant. Mr. Kim himself oversaw the whole construction, making sure everything combined perfectly to create a laid-back but stylish dining experience.

-from KIMCHEE restaurant PR team

KIMCHEE restaurant

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