Z-Fixie Concept

Z-FIXIE is a fixed-gear bicycle concept with polished Z-shaped frame.

The top tube, the seat tube, the bottom bracket and the chain stays are connected onto the Z-shaped frame.
The down tube and the seat stays straightly cross through the seat tube.
The frame is designed for a simple and urban look meanwhile keeping high stability from traditional bike structure.


Moving Capsule Concept
Arbo is an extreme transportation concept using electricity and having extra-ordinariliy characteristic appearance. It seems like a captule that is hard to perceive front and rear during driving mode to make its aerodynamic maximized. During 'arbor' mode, the doors are opened in a circle sliding on each doorlines and Arbo is transformed into a perfect space to enjoy the space on the road.

Recharging process
The Primary battery uses the ordinary 110v - 250v electricity. The power is delivered to the ball-wheel drive system. The secondary battery is recharged from the solar energy. It's used for operating Arbo's electric devices. These 2 types of recharging system share the resources together by supplying the power to eachother when one of them is short of power.

Tea - Intimate space concept
Co-work with Myungjin Jung, Jinyoung Jo, Jaesang Lee, Hyun Kim

'Concept Tea' is an interior concept to make passenger's feeling more intimate. The position of seats has been re-organized for changing the layout of what pre-existing cars have, into the new layout that has more connectivity.
The more conversation takes place, the more flowered-mood light appears.

Jeong che Yoon

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