‘In-Between Hotel’ reinvents unnoticed small spaces

‘Travelers will look for historic landmarks…Some travelers, like me, find joy in exploring in-between spaces and times.’ There are two kinds of tours, says renowned installation artist Do Ho Suh.

One we immediately associate with sightseeing; it moves from one famous attraction to the next. The other, less common, explores the areas in between landmarks. For travelers who prefer the latter, the 50-year-old Korean artist - based in New York, London and Seoul - offers the “In-Between Hotel,” part of the 2012 Gwangju Biennale that starts tomorrow.

“In-Between Hotel” is a tiny hotel room inside a truck. It will appear in between houses and shops, here and there throughout Gwangju.

The interior is not markedly different from ordinary hotel rooms, with a bed, TV, toilet and minibar. But on the outside, it is a truck covered with patterns of brick and slate “to quietly merge into the neighborhood of Gwangju citizens,” Suh explained.

Exterior:Perforated Annodyzed Aluminum Panel on 1.5Ton Truck,
Interior: Birch Plywood, Stainless Steel, Carpet, Glass, Stone

In between hotel

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