Floating Clock
          Floating Clock is a symbolic physical installation, which will be used to show time through a new interface system. The floating glasses will indicate the different time in the time zones and the background surface will represent the world map through dots. For example, when a glass is floating above Korea at 9 PM, it will show the local time and represent evening. The clocks floating in the water represent the fluid nature of time. Multiple clocks display different time zones of global locations, but actually they all are within the same time only perceived differently due to their positions .

Experiments in Optics 01,02
       This experiment served as an interface between the new technologies of digital media, and the old technologies of optics. New digital technologies will be given alternative possibilities with the addition of specific projection apparatus (in terms of both projection optics and projection surfaces), plays with reflection (such as the construction of anamorphic cylinders, zoetropes, and other optical devices), and in the fabrication of project specific lenses.

Geon Dong Kim

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