"Gone with the Fog" by UK-based architect Leo Sooseok Kim of MEDIUS Architects recently won first place in ArchTriumph's Venice Biennale Pavilion 2013 competition this past August.

"What is the first image of Venice? Many people only imagine the floating city itself. Someone thinks of archaic buildings and canals through the city. By the way, Venice has many historical stories that is going on till now. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe saw the sea for the first time in his life at Venice. Especially, he glorified the mystic atmosphere of Venice several times in his book 'Italian Journey'.

He mentioned the fog at Venice as the medium that completes Venice itself. Have you ever felt the mood at sunset and rainy day at St. Marco Square? If you are there, you can feel everything of Venice. There are many elements, which make the mood, such as fog, small boats, and poles that fixed boats. This project began with this motive. How to reflect such elements to the pavilion? It should be gone with the fog like the being of nothing."

Project details

Name: ArchTriumph Architecture Competition 2013 – General Stage
Project: Venice Biennale Pavilion
Site: San Marco Square in Venice, Italy
Title of Project: Gone with the Fog  
Site Use - Site Area (m²): Multipurpose
Building Area (m²): 1,440m²
Gross Floor Area (m²):  2,466m²
Building Coverage Ratio (%):  N/A (on the Sea)
Gross Floor Ratio (%): 169%
Building Scale: N/A
Stories above Ground: 7 stories
Stories below Ground: N/A (on the Sea)
Structure:   Aluminum and Stainless Steel Frame Structure
Maximum Height (m): 13m
Landscape Area: N/A (on the Sea)
Parking Lot: N/A (on the Sea)
Exterior Finish: Aluminum and Stainless Steel coated with waterproof painting

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