Fallen Star 2008 332.7 x 368.3 x 304.8 cm

ABS, basswood, beech, ceramic, enamel paint, glass, honeycomb board, laquer paint, latex paint, LED lights, pinewood, plywood, resin, spruce, styrene, polycarbonate sheets and PVC sheets

Do Ho Suh creates detailed, intricate sculptures that defy our sense of scale and location. For example, a recent work, Fallen Star 1/5 (2008-09) in the exhibition Your Bright Future, dramatically depicts a traditional Korean scholar´s house crash landing into a replica of the building that housed Suh´s first American apartment. Fallen Star 1/5 is filled with hyper realistic objects handmade by Suh and his assistants to create the effect of a home that is actually lived in.

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