Q R .  Interactive Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011
QR is a beautifully designed carpet inspired by QR patterns, showcasing texture and geometry in a random sophisticated look and feel.

It comes in a range of bold color combinations and more subtle, tonal pairings.
Utilizing Mannington’s unique ability to create both carpet and hard surface products,

Mannington has created an 18x18 inch LVT tile that allows actual QR technology to be incorporated into the floor. This is extremely valuable for healthcare facilities, museums, entertainment venues, educational contexts, airports and retail spaces

- enabling the delivery of update-able wayfinding information, enhanced entertainment and education, product information and more.

EQUINOX collection .  Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011
Equinox Collection offers visual fields of light & shadow rendered as pure texture.
Using a proprietary ultra-large denier fiber with patented variable twist technology

Made with a proprietary large denier fiber with Mannington’s patented variable twist technology. Mannington interpreted Ryan Harc’s design concepts of light and shadow using texture to define visual fields – elevating carpet design to a new fashion aesthetic component. The rich hand translates to warmth and complexity on the floor – in patterns of subtle gradation or irregular offset grids.

WARM NAIL . Pendant . 2010

Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee

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