Deck stool
7 Layered Skate-Deck, Die-Casted Aluminum.
W800 X L200 X H400

When skateboarders take a rest at skate-spot, they spend most of time on skateboards sitting on them. Skateboard is comfortable than what people think. Because it has curved surface which called ‘concave’. The purpose of the concave is gathering sole into the middle of deck. But this well-curved surface ‘concave’ offers very nice feeling to sit on it.
That’s why I started sketching a stools and chairs which are based on skateboard-deck. At the final decision, I had chosen a stool which used only 1 skate-deck to get rid of useless usage of deck and other materials

Spider deck table
Tempered Glass, Die-Casted Aluminum.
W2300 X L700 X H700

This is a glass table which I have utilized the originality of 8 holes for bolts that I couldn’t use for design of deck table.I designed a piece of 4X1 tempered glass, 2 sets of 4 aluminum legs which can be assembled and disassembled in a minute. I named it ‘spider deck table’ because it contains 8 legs.

Do yeon kim

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