Yiso Bahc  1.Untitled(Support All) etc... Jun Seub Sim   Circulation of sound 

JUN SEUB SIM PRESENTS his reflections on the boundary between what exists and what does not, or presence or absence, through his sound and installation work. Circulation of sound is structure made of VC pipes, which contains the video component of the image of running water along with multiple speakers that generate the resonating sounds. For Sim. sound is the sense that necessitates the fastest response in a person and a tool of communication between people. By juxtaposing the aural component of the absent materials against the image of the visible material, the relationship between the sound and the image of water takes on the meaning of cycle. The work is installed in the actual stream and its immediate surrounding space where there re rows of water pipes. Therefore, the virtual sound and images in the work once again overlap with the sound and image of the external, the real.

Sora Kim Longest saddest song on the earth

Man-Young Jung White Forest  

The Contemporary Art Exhibition is devoted to the introduction of experimental, specific context-appropriate, and ground-breaking artworks, which illustrate the cutting-edge in contemporary art. Busan Biennale 2006

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